Sunburst Fund

The yield of the Sunburst Fund serves to award fellowships to graduates in the fields of pure and applied physics who would like to pursue postgraduate studies abroad.

Eligible applicants

a) Swiss nationals resident in Switzerland who would like to pursue postgraduate studies in one of the above-mentioned fields in the USA or in Europe,
b) US nationals resident in the USA who would like to pursue postgraduate studies in one of the above-mentioned fields at the ETH Zurich or the EPFL.

Amount of the fellowships

Fellowships are primarily intended to cover tuition and examination fees; by way of secondary priority, contributions may also be paid towards living expenses. For US applicants, fellowships may be linked with a waiver of the ETH Zurich’s or the EPFL’s doctoral fees.

Application procedure

Applications must be endorsed by a full, associate or assistant professor of the Department of Physics of the ETH Zurich or the EPFL and submitted to the Sekretariat der Fondskommission, c/o ETH-Rat, 8092 Zürich.

Applications have to provide information about

  • the applicant as such (including nationality and place of residence),
  • the planned postgraduate studies and the research institution,
  • the professor under whose supervision these postgraduate studies will be pursued,
  • the estimated cost of the studies and further fellowships (including any that are still at the application stage).

Further documents to be submitted:

  • copy of the diploma/Master’s degree certificate,
  • undertaking on the part of the research institution that applicants will be accepted for postgraduate studies,
  • recommendation by the professor who will supervise the work.

Power of disposition

The yields of the fund are administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of the President of the ETH Board and the Heads of the Department of Physics of the ETH Zurich and the Séction de Physique of the EPFL.


By 30 June for each academic year.

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