Election procedures

Appointments of the executive boards in the ETH Domain: competencies of the ETH Board.

The Federal Council appoints the members and the president of the ETH Board and, at the request of the ETH Board, the Presidents of the ETH Zurich and the EPFL, as well as the Directors of the research institutes.

The ETH Board appoints the other members of the executive boards of the ETH Zurich and the EPFL, as well as the other members of the executive boards of the research institutes. At the request of the Presidents of the two Federal Institutes of Technology, it appoints the professors of the ETH Zurich and the EPFL.

Selection committee

For the purposes of appointing presidents and directors, the ETH Board makes use of a selection committee, which as a rule is chaired by the President of the ETH Board. Selection committees are made up of recognised scientific experts from the institutions of the ETH Domain and from national and international institutions, whose competencies reflect the profiles of the institution in question. Selection committees usually also comprise representatives of the Federal Administration and of trade and industry. Selection committees conduct the preselection of suitable candidates and recommend suitable personalities to the ETH Board. The ETH Board examines the proposals and on this basis submits its nomination to the Federal Council. Finally, the Federal Council appoints the candidate and fixes the terms and conditions of his or her employment.

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