Data Science

Data Science is concerned with the scientific use and secure handling of huge volumes of data. Intensified research and teaching in this area help to deal with the global challenges facing society, such as health, energy and food supply, as well as the use of resources. 

With this in mind, EPFL and ETH Zurich are working together on establishing the Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC), which will be at the disposal of researchers from all around Switzerland. The center will facilitate innovative research by bringing together data scientists and experts from the application areas. It will offer the services, such as software, methodology or memory and computer capacities, which researchers of different disciplines require in order to discover ways of using their scientific data efficiently. The SDSC supplements and uses existing research infrastructure such as ETH Zurich’s Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) to enable users from a broad range of disciplines to obtain the best possible support in data science.

In addition to research, infrastructure and services in the area of data science, this strategic focus area is also geared towards training specialists; they are in great demand. This has prompted both ETH Zurich and EPFL to each launch a Master’s degree in Data Science.