In the new 2011 semester, master’s students at EPFL can sign up for a scientific adventure in Lausanne and the United Arab Emirates.

Master’s courses for a new generation of specialists in the field of energy management and sustainability. Photo: EPFL

EPFL Middle East is the first campus outside Switzerland, on which Swiss master’s projects can be carried out. The course on energy management and sustainability amounts to 120 ECTS credits and takes two years. It begins at the start of the winter semester in September 2011. The students spend the first year in Lausanne, then switch to Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, where they continue their education, working in an environment characterised by a desert climate.

The new master’s degree, based on several EPFL seminar programmes, should produce a new generation of specialists whose work addresses energy management and sustainability. The curriculum’s design is of an interdisciplinary nature, with the intention of harmonising scientific teaching, theory and professional practice: alongside the scientific education, students shall be given an understanding of project management and the opportunity to complete traineeships. Once students have completed the master’s course, they shall be able to understand complex issues, to analyse them and to react to them appropriately. The topics addressed include smart electricity grids, water supply systems and environmental services, for example. The students also benefit from the excellent research infrastructure of the campus in Lausanne, then go to a part of the world where the sustainability problematic plays a vitally important role, in order to develop tangible applications there.