03 July 2020

Adopted at the meeting of the ETH Board on 13 and 14 May, the position paper of the six institutions of the ETH Domain sets out a vision of Open Research Data.

Open science practices are becoming a prevalent paradigm in academic research worldwide. Open Research Data (ORD) is at the core of open science, and new technological developments facilitate the sharing and exploiting of data sets, large and small.

The six institutions of the ETH Domain have drawn up a position paper which presents a vision for ORD in the Domain. Among other things, this addresses the rationale behind ORD and the challenges it poses. The ETH Board adopted the position paper on 13/14 May 2020.

Based on the position paper, a number of measures are currently being devised to continue with the implementation of ORD in the ETH Domain. By doing so, the ETH Domain is also fulfilling the Federal Council mandate that requires it to assume a leading role in respect of ORD in the context of a future-oriented data policy in Switzerland. 

This work is being coordinated with the national Open Research Data strategy that is being developed under the auspices of swissuniversities and with ETH Domain participation.