The institutions of the ETH Domain annually collect the most important key figures with regard to energy and the environment and publish them in the Annual Report of the ETH Domain. The measured values are identical to those of the Resources and Environment Management of the Federal Administration (RUMBA).*

From 2006 to 2016, the ETH Domain was also part of the RUMBA reports. In the context of the New Management Model for the Federal Administration (NMM), the RUMBA programme is being reorganised between 2017 and 2020. During this period, the ETH Domain will not be part of RUMBA.

Reports on the key figures for the business year in the ETH Board’s Annual Reports on the ETH Domain reflect trends since by the time at which the Annual Report is put to bed and printed, a conclusive compilation of the energy mix purchased in the field of electric power is not possible. The detailed representation of the key figures regarding energy and the environment therefore portray the preceding year.

Reports on the institutions’ activities, as well as a focal topic, complement the annual information provided by the Annual Report (AR). Previous focal topics were "Mobility: identify, control and avoid" (AR 2017), “Production of renewable energy” (AR 2016) and “Promoting biodiversity” (AR 2015).

*Since in contrast to the Federal Administration, the ETH Domain conducts energy-intensive research, the figures are not directly comparable.