The two tertiary institutions and the four research institutes in the ETH Domain conduct top-level teaching and research. They support the transfer of their results to practical applications and have a national and international presence. Here are some examples of their activities and success stories.

In teaching, the ETH Domain emphasises quality. It not only wants to set the highest of standards but also to create an excellent learning environment for talented and motivated students by providing support.

Research at the international forefront is called for by the performance mandate between the Confederation and the ETH Domain. By means of globally leading research, the two tertiary institutions and the four research institutes bring the latest findings to Switzerland. This is of benefit to students, researchers, Switzerland’s entire higher education landscape and numerous companies in practice.

After all, the transfer of knowledge to practice is also a core statutory task of the ETH Domain. For this reason, its institutions work in close cooperation with Swiss industry. Graduates with an outstanding education represent the most important form of knowledge transfer. However, research results and new technologies also flow into industry via other channels, for instance in workshops, continuing education, licensing, or the founding of new companies (spin-offs).

A number of well-known and less well-known national tasks are also performed by the ETH Domain. These important services for Switzerland often benefit decisively from the close proximity to research, making them high-quality services. In turn, they show the students specific areas in which their fields of activity are applied, thus conveying a valuable perspective.

By means of partnerships with foreign universities, or with their own campuses abroad, the research institutes and the two Federal Institutes of Technology have networks, and a presence, in a large number of countries. Indeed, many projects can only be conducted abroad, and the exchange with foreign cultures gives the students important skills for their subsequent careers.