In 2020, the ETH Board dealt with 174 professorial matters. It appointed a total of 76 professors, 48 of whom were newly appointed members of staff and 28 were internal promotions. At ETH Zurich 19 women and 32 men were appointed, and 5 women and 19 men were appointed at EPFL. In addition, a scientist, the new director of the PSI, was appointed a full professor at both ETH Zurich and EPFL.



Professors, 19 of whom were women and 32 men at ETH Zurich, as well as 5 women and 19 at EPFL

The total of 76 appointments comprised:

Full professorships *

9 of whom were women

Associated professorships

5 of whom were women

Assistant professorships with tenure track

5 of whom were women

Assistant professorships without tenure track

5 of whom was a woman


Retirements for reasons of age


* 1 of whom was an affiliated professor

Out of the 28 full professor appointments, 15 were promotions of associate professors, and 13 of the 22 associate professor appointments were promotions of assistant professors with tenure track.

Women accounted for 19 (39.6%) of the 48 newly appointed professors.

In 2020, the ETH Board appointed a male affiliated professor at ETH Zurich. Affiliated professors mainly work at a research institution in Switzerland or abroad and are employed at one of the two Federal Institutes of Technology on a reduced employment level. They have the status of a full professor and count as such in the statistics.

In addition, the ETH Board awarded the title of professor (adjunct professor) to 2 female and 9 male scientists.

Retirements and resignations

In 2020, the ETH Board was informed of 31 retirements: 18 from ETH Zurich and 13 from EPFL. In addition, ETH Zurich and EPFL advised the ETH Board of a total of 7 resignations for other reasons.