ETH Zurich attracts students from all around the world. This gives rise to a need for action regarding admittance and promotion of talented individuals.

The Swiss economy and ETH Zurich have always benefited from a good relationship with talented individuals from Switzerland and abroad. For this reason, ETH Zurich is open to outstanding foreign students. Also due to the Bologna Reform, student numbers at ETH Zurich have grown considerably in recent years and already reached the envisaged 2013 level in 2010. Particularly at master‘s level, applications from abroad have increased disproportionately: at present, there are twice as many students from outside ETH Zurich applying for admittance to master‘s courses (90 % of which from abroad) as there are internal students stepping up from bachelor‘s to master‘s level. This is pushing the institution to its capacity limits and (considering the limited finances) can put a strain on the staff-student ratio in particular. Discussions were thus initiated in 2010 (also by ETH Zurich to no small extent) as to how regulation of admittance to master‘s level could be laid down in law.

Supporting the best

ETH Zurich wants to selectively support the best prospective students from Switzerland and around the world. With the aid of private donors, it has established the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme. In November 2010, ETH rector Heidi Wunderli-Allenspach was able to report positive results: 85 stipendiaries from 28 countries had received this excellence scholarship since the programme began in autumn 2007.